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As we head towards the end of November, here is the first of two e-newsletters you will receive over the next week or so. There is much going on in the lead up to Late Night Shopping in Cheam and we will try and keep you up to date with some of the planned activities.

We have also got our own Christmas Raffle at the Library to raise funds for projects and events.  More details below, but if you are able to make a cotribution to our hamper, please drop it in to the Library.

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Friends of Cheam Library Christmas Raffle

Christmas Raffle at Cheam Library

You know Christmas is close when the raffles start.

Well, here's an early opportunity to buy some raffle tickets from the Friends of Cheam Library.

1st Prize will be a superb fully loaded hamper. Tickets are 25p each or 5 for a £1.

Monies raised will be used for future projects and events at the library.  So how cool is …

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Cheam Library Star Wars Art workshop

May The Sparkle Force Be With You...!

Ok, Jedis, I sense a disturbance in the force, as if  a million (well a few thousand anyway) voices all cried out...."Ye- ha, it will soon be Cheam Late Night Shopping".  So hop into your Y-Wing fighter, head towards the Library, get into the Christmas spirit and make a clay Star Wars Christmas figure or decoration with sparkly effects to take home! …

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King Arthur pantomime at Royal British Legion Hall

King Arthur at the Royal British Legion Hall

We are always keen to let our readers know of community events in and around Cheam.

The Christopher Singers are presenting KING ARTHUR (a pantomime adventure in Camelot) on Saturday 19th December 2015 at the Royal British Legion Hall in Mickleham Gardens, Cheam.

Programme includes carols for Choir and audience. There are two performances - 2.30pm and 7.30pm Tickets are £10 & …

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Darth reads storytime

Read More, Must You...Late Night Shopping in Cheam

Just an early warning - it's Cheam Late Night Shopping on Friday 4th December and this year it is a STAR WARS themed event. The Library will be open of course and will be running a STAR WARS themed drop-in story time and craft throughout the evening. A small charge may apply for craft, contact the library for more information …

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Diary date - New Books Coffee Morning 16th December

A reminder about the next New Books Coffee Morning at Cheam Library on  Wednesday 16th December, from 10.00am to 11.30am.  Refreshments 50p. Our last meeting was very well-attended - let us see if we can do even better this time! Come and discuss the latest fiction and non-fiction releases over coffee and a biscuit or two!

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And finally...

It takes roughly 365 days, or 1 year, for the Earth to complete its orbit around the Sun. Although it is an elliptical orbit, it is almost circular, so there is only a slight difference between the closest and farthest points from the Sun throughout the orbit. The two-dimensional plane occupied by the Earth's orbit is called the ecliptic. Wow, don't you feel better for knowing that!


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